Commemorating the completion of the “Wanokuni” season of the anime series ONE PIECE. A screening of the staff-selected best two episodes comes with a talk show!

Pirates are a staple in history films. In the anime series ONE PIECE featuring pirates, we have witnessed the various adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. In December 2023, the “Wanokuni” season, highly acclaimed for its visual quality and unique story, was finally concluded. The creators who portrayed Luffy and the crew’s adventures in this country, heavily drawing on the heritage of jidaigeki films, will talk about the completed season.



Latest history films with cutting-edge LOOKs

A painter who created a new era, the makeup-free faces of intense Frenchwomen, the sweat drops accentuating a Jewish man’s dynamism, colorful dreams of a girl from a 100 years ago. These are all stories driven by their LOOKs – namely, the visual imagery and the worldbuilding concepts.



Cinematic challengers present groundbreaking LOOKs, worlds, and inspiration!

Thanks to digital techniques, we can tell stories from any era, place, physics, or dimension. However, the brain of the audience picks out what they want to see rather than seeing what is depicted. Looking back at the various LOOK-focused cinematic challenges will allow creators to leap forward by bridging the gap between presentation and reception.

Programs:Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka

One of our film festival’s highlights is the special program in collaboration with Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Osaka. This year, we will screen three films including one VR piece.

La Biennale di Venezia – Biennale College Cinema

A special collaborative program of three entities: Kyoto Filmmakers Lab (KFL), HISTORICA’s own training program; Biennale College Cinema, a program realized by La Biennale di Venezia to train new filmmakers in microbudget production; and Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka.

Cineteca di Bologna – Il Cinema Ritrovato

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Italian masterpiece Il gattopardo
Luchino Visconti: Italian cinematic maestro and pioneer neorialismo. His films are famous for their unrivaled aesthetic LOOKs. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of Il gattopardo which became a turning point of his aestheticism, we are screening its 4K restored version by Cineteca di Bologna. This screening is a collaboration program between Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka and HISTORICA.
Supported by Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab Screening

KFL alumni are coming back with their feature films!

In collaboration with HISTORICA’s talent development program “Kyoto Filmmakers Lab (KFL)”, alumni will show their feature films in Kyoto where they once studied, just like salmon coming back from the wide ocean to their home river.


A conference event with diverse guests including visual creators and film professionals from Kansai. Centering around cinema as a genre, creators from a variety of fields such as gaming, anime, the metaverse, and NFTs will have a fun and intimate heart-to-heart, just like you would do at an ozashiki (tatami room) of an izakaya.