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Theater screening

Roji Tempo on the 1st Floor

Japan Premiere

Experience the frustration of not being able to touch or intervene in the protagonist. A VR film based on the filmmaker’s real-life experiences.

A woman in her 40s comes home from work as always. Extremely tired, she smokes a cigarette, watches TV, and prepares a pre-made dinner like an automaton. The time she spends in her garden and in nature helps ease her physical and mental exhaustion.

Director Chiara Troisi

Italy| 2022| 14min| EPICA FILM|


Chiara Troisi [Film Director]

Chiara Troisi [Illustrator, Film Director] Troisi is an illustrator born in 1994 in Asti, Italy, and based in Rome. She has been in the industry from 2013, gaining experience with short films, documentaries, commercials, and feature films. She works on various forms of visual art such as short films, animation, live-action films, illustration, artist books, and virtual reality. In 2020, she directed her first short film The Strength. In 2022, her VR short animation film MONO was selected for the Venice Immersive of the 79th Venice International Film Festival. MONO also won Best Italian VR in a prestigious filmmaker festival which took place in Milan.