The Northman


Theater screening

1/23 13:30


Witness a man’s poignant journey of revenge on the majestic Nordic landscape.

In the 9th century, the coming-of-age ceremony for Amleth, the young prince of a Scandinavian island, was taking place with the attendance of his father, King Aurvandill, who had just returned from a long journey. However, the ceremony is disrupted when the prince’s uncle Fjölnir murders Aurvandill and kidnaps Queen Gudrún. Vowing to avenge his father and rescue his mother, Amleth escapes the island alone on a boat. A few years later, Amleth had grown to become a berserk Viking warrior who rampaged across Eastern Europe. One day, he comes across a Slav seeress who reminds him of his fate and mission. He then finds out that Fjölnir currently owns a farm in Iceland.

Director Robert Eggers

Actor Alexander Skarsgard,Nicole Kidman,Claes Bang,Anya Taylor-Joy,

USA| 2021| 137minmin| English| PARCO Universal Pictures|

  • Action


Robert Eggers [Film Director]

Robert Eggers [Film Director] Born in 1983 in New Hampshire, USA, Eggers is a screenwriter and film director based in Brooklyn. After working as a director and designer in theaters across New York, he branched out to short films, designer positions for films, TV, publishing, performance arts, and dance. He made his debut as a feature director and screenwriter with The Witch (2015) starring Anya Taylor-Joy, winning the Independent Spirit Awards for Best First Screenplay and Best First Feature. His following film, The Lighthouse (2019), won the FIPRESCI Prize for Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Week and was nominated for the Academy Awards as well as the British Academy Awards for Best Cinematography. He is currently working on a remake of Nosferatu (1922) by F. W. Murnau.