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Il gattopardo


Theater screening

1/26 10:30

The greatest treasure of Italian history films, polished to perfection by aristocrat-born Visconti.

In May 1860, revolutionaries seeking to unify Italy entered Sicily. The news shocks the House of Salina, a distinguished aristocratic family that has been ruling Sicily. Despite having a premonition that the days of the aristocrats are coming to an end, the Prince of Salina hosts a banquet at his villa which has become an annual affair. Meanwhile, the Prince’s nephew Tancredi who is a member of the revolutionaries meets Angelica, the daughter of an emerging bourgeois village headman, and falls in love. One of Visconti’s representative works, Il gattopardo aesthetically depicts the glory and decay of the Italian aristocracy. The minute details of the film, from costumes to the smallest furnishings, reflect the taste of Visconti who was from a real-life aristocratic family.

Director Luchino Visconti

Actor Burt Lancaster,Alain Delon,Claudia Cardinale

Italy, France| 1963| 187min| Italy| Park Circus|

  • love Romance
  • Human Drama


Luchino Visconti [Film Director]

Luchino Visconti [Film Director] Visconti was born in 1906. As the third son of a branch family of the Visconti of Milan, he grew up in an artistically blessed environment surrounded by music, theater, and paintings. In 1936, he entered the film industry as an assistant of Jean Renoir. His directorial debut, The Postman Always Rings Twice (1942), is recognized as a pioneering neorialismo film but was banned in Italy upon its release. His 1948 work, La terra trema, which features real-life Sicilian fishermen, is heralded as a neorialismo masterpiece. Meanwhile, being a Count himself, he depicted the decay and downfall of the aristocracy in Il gattopardo (1963) and Ludwig (1972) with a focus on true extravagant aestheticism. Visconti passed away in 1976.