Theater screening

1/28 10:30
Special Program of NNW International Film Festival in Poland

Japan Premiere

During WWII, a young Jewish man Filip is robbed of his loved ones. Pretending to be French, he starts seducing upper-class Nazi women.

In 1941, a young Polish Jew named Filip living in the Warwsaw ghetto loses his lover Sara and extended family in a gunfight. Two years later, he is found waiting tables in a restaurant of a high-end hotel in Frankfurt. There, he was taking revenge on the Nazis in his own way, which is by pretending to be French and seducing lonely upper-class women who sent their husbands off to war. His life full of lies and a new love he found in the midst of it, however, soon collapses in an unexpected way as the war front expands.

Director Michal Kwiecinski

Actor Eryk Kulm,Victor Meutelet,Caroline Hartig,Zoe Straub,Sandra Drzymalska

Poland| 2022| 124min| polish german| AYA PRO|

  • Human Drama


Michal Kwiecinski [Film Director]

Michał Kwieciński [Film Director] Kwieciński, born in Warsaw in 1951, built his career as a TV producer and director through the 1990s. From the 2000s, he started working as a producer for the Polish virtuoso Andrzej Wajda and produced films such as Walesa: Man of Hope, Katyń, and Wajda’s final work Afterimage. Filip is Kwiecinski’s fourth film as a theatrical feature director.