About Us


The Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival is the world’s only film festival centered around the theme of history. Our festival strives to evolve period dramas and historical dramas, born from the rich history of Kyoto, and with the keywords of “History,” “World,” and “Crossmedia” to drive us in a direction that is future-oriented, creating new business opportunities as well as networks that cross borders.
We have made painstaking preparations so that you may find our talk sessions as engaging as ever, with our diverse range of guests—directors, actors, staff members, film researchers, etc.—featured in the HISTORICA Special, HISTORICA World, and HISTORICA Focus segments. Plus, we are hosting a variety of film-related events, such as Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, which trains young creators; Kyoto Film Pitching, a competition exclusively for period dramas; the cosplay and anime exhibition Uzumasa Joraku Matsuri; and the film technology conference HISTORICA XR.
With the vision of our film festival being a bridge to the future through the medium of historical film, we aim to create even more filmmakers and new content industries.

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
Chairman Isao Takeda
(President and CEO of Shochiku Studio Co., Ltd.)

Historical Film Goes Beyond Reality
Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival is hosted for the 14th time. We are living in a time that is seeing the arrival of the “Metaverse”—a time when reality and the virtual world mix, spawning a visual imagery revolution. One base for creating entire worlds through imagination is the game engine—a visual technology where film, games, and anime intersect.
By nature, historical film creates periods and worlds that do not exist in the present and tell their stories as if they are happening right before us. We stand at the start of a new phenomenon: films leaving the realm of reality via recent technological innovations and projecting new, other-dimensional realities onto minds and hearts. This is Beyond Reality. Both the creator and the viewer are future-oriented, crossing media and borders, and plunging into a new era of historical film.

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
Program Director Ken Takahashi
(Toei Studios Kyoto Studio Senior Executive Manager)

General Information

Name: The 14th Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival(KHIFF)
Dates: October 29th – November 6th, 2022
Venues: The Museum of Kyoto, Online (https://historica-kyoto.com/)
Hosted by: Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
(Kyoto Prefectural Government, The Museum of Kyoto, Toei Company, Ltd. Kyoto Movie Studios, Shochiku Studio Co., Ltd., Toei Kyoto Studio Co., Ltd., Iwamoto Metal Co., Ltd., Directors Univ,inc., Ritsumeikan University, )
Co-hosted by: KYOTO CMEX Executive Committee
Sponsors: Samurai Drama Channel(Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.)
With the Association of: Kyoto Crossmedia Promotion Agency / Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka / La Biennale di Venezia-Biennale College Cinema / Cineteca di Bologna Presented Under the auspices of: Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan, Inc. / Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan / Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Inc.
Supported by: Japan Arts Council