Prices and Sales

Ticket Prices for Theater Screenings and How to Purchase

◎Tickets per Screened Film

・Presale Ticket: 1,100 JPY
・Same-Day Ticket: 1,300 JPY
※Please see “Notes” below.
The above rates apply to all screenings except the following:

◎HISTORICA Special: TV anime One Piece “Wano Country” Season
◎Kyoto Filmmakers Lab Screening: The Light That Never Goes Out

・Free, prior application required
(Please apply from Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival website)

◎HISTORICA Focus screenings
◎Centenary Commemoration Screening of Shochiku Shimokamo Studios: A Page of Madness

・Presale Ticket: 800 JPY
・Same-Day Ticket: 1,000 JPY

Where to Purchase Tickets

Presale tickets go on sale January 13th (Sat.) 2024
★Available until the day prior to the opening of the festival (January 22nd [Mon.] 2024)

◎On sale at Ticket PIA

*Presale Tickets only.
Film Theater Screenings [P Code:553-547]
Ticket Pia online:
Ticket Pia convenience store ticketing: Seven-Eleven stores

HISTORICA ticketing information on Ticket PIA is available from:

★During the Film Festival (January 23rd [Tue.] or later)

◎Available at festival reception desk (3rd floor, the Museum of Kyoto)

Presale Tickets: Available up until the day of screening for each film
Same-day Tickets: Available on the day of screening for each film
Sales Times: Every day 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

▶How to Enter Venue
Starting 15 minutes prior to the film screening, you will be ushered at the theater entrance according to the number printed on your Presale/Same-Day Ticket. Seating is non-reserved, so please sit where you like. The number of tickets sold ensures that a seat will be available to everyone. Please be aware that if you are not present when your ticket number is called, the person with the next ticket number will be ushered in.

▶Participation in Talk Events
Those with specific tickets can participate in Talk Events.

●Same-Day Tickets will not be sold if Presale Tickets sell out.
●How to check ticket availability
January 22nd (Mon.) or earlier: Check on the specific pages on Ticket PIA or on the official Film Festival webpage.
January 23rd (Tue.) or later: Check at the Film Festival reception desk on the 3rd floor of The Museum of Kyoto or on the official Film Festival webpage.
●One person admitted per ticket.
●Tickets cannot be returned, refunded, or reissued after purchase.