How to enjoy HISTORICA

Historica is a film festival that has brought numerous historical films to Kyoto.
This year's festival, the 15th, will feature a variety of collaborative projects with historical films as the hub.
Whether you are a fan of historical dramas or anime, or a creator who aspires to be one, all are welcome to come together and enjoy the six days of the festival,
We hope you enjoy the festival.

Theater screening

From a widely loved anime series to Japan premieres of history films, the 19 programs of this year sure LOOKs amazing.

The anime ONE PIECE depicting adventures of pirates who are definite history film staples, the four HISTORICA WORLD films that lead the audience into another world, the HISTORICA FOCUS films chosen for their unique visuals (a.k.a. LOOKs) … We present this year’s program that can only be enjoyed in Kyoto.



Commemorating the 15th anniversary of Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival, we are holding a conference event “HISTORICA Ozashiki” where diverse creators will gather on the sixth floor of the Museum of Kyoto. Four spacious tatami rooms – theee 70-jo rooms and one 45-jo room – will be waiting for you.

Fringe project

Online talk show: HISTORICA at Night

Every night, we will chat about jidaigeki and history films with different guests from the cinema industry! The videos are archived on YouTube so that you can enjoy them anytim

Related projects


From this year, we are running this project under a new name: “HISTORICA X -cross-”. This year’s theme is “The Era of New-Dimensional EIZO with DX and Generative AI”.
As virtual production projects and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) intersect with art within our society, the entire audiovisual industry is required to move to a new stage through digital transformation. Through HISTORICA X, we aim to explore any and every futuristic option such as the metaverse, NFTs, and generative AI with the aim of intersecting – or Xing – them with the realm of visual art.