『The Ballad of Narayama』

Maestro Amir Naderi and young filmmakers of the world, unravel the Jidaigeki masterpiece by Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or winner, Shohei Imamura

Digital remastered version

『The Ballad of Narayama』

11/2 [sat] 16:00ー

Talk with Amir Naderi
Talk : Amir Naderi〔Director〕Mizue Kunizane〔Producer〕Eric Nyari〔Producer〕

Director Shohei Imamura
CastKen Ogata, Sumiko Sakamoto
Digital remastered in cooperation with The Japan Foundation

A mountainous village where neighbours work face to face ploughing the poor land. Three generations are barely making a living in widower Tatsuhei's house, with his 69-year-old mother and children. This village's future had been protected by the villagers, by going into the Narayama, the winter they turned 70. This meant death, and this lyed down heavily in Tatsuhei's heart as accompanier. These people and rules are born from wisdom to survive in the harsh nature. Iranian Maestro Amir Naderi who depicted men surviving in rocky mountains in "Monte" (2019), and young creators of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab unravel the Palme d'Or film by Shohei Imamura.

Directors info
Shohei Imamura

Born in 1926. After entering Shochiku, he moved to Nikkatsu which had resumed production, to train under Yuzo Kawashima. Debut in 1958 with "Stolen Desire"; he depicts the vivid sexuality and culture of people with a powerful touch. He wins the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or twice, with "The Ballard of Narayama" in 1983, and with "Eel" in 1997. He founded a film school and raised many filmmakers. Other films include "Pigs and Battleships", "A Man Vanishes", "Profound Desire of the Gods", and "Vengeance Is Mine".