Kyoto Historica International Film Festival & Ritsumeikan University College of Image Arts and Sciences Collaborative Project

White Snake


Theater screening

10/22 13:30–

Online Screening



Stunningly beautiful graphics tell an epic love story spanning over 1000 years.

Bai, a white-snake demon in the form of a beautiful girl, tries to assassinate the general who has been capturing numerous snakes. She fails and loses her memories but is saved by Xuan, a boy from the Snake Catcher village. Through the course of a journey to bring back Bai’s memories, the two eventually fall in love. Meanwhile, battle was brewing between the general and the snake-demons…The top-tier graphics and captivating storyline of this Chinese-American 3D computer animation film attracted public attention in China and became a massive box-office hit. Enjoy an epic story of true love that is never deterred by the human-demon divide, nor by time and reincarnation.

Actor Suzuko Mimori, Daisuke Sakuma(Snow man), Ayane Sakura, Tomokazu Sugita, Aoi Yuki, Hidekatsu Shibata, Kaito Ishikawa, Takako Honda

China, United States| 2021| 105min| | BUSHIROAD MOVE, TEAM JOY CO., LTD.|

  • Love romance
  • Fantasy


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