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NAKODO -Matchmakers-


Theater screening

11/04 18:00–

Online Screening


Naoki Maeda(Director)

Is this really none of your business?

Akio Akabane, an employee of a major real estate company, used to be a top salesman. Hanging onto his glory from the past, he is now an annoying old man who engages in all manners of harassment against his coworkers. One day, the company directs him to go on loan to matchmaking agency “Toi et Moi” The Agency was run by Yui Tokita who took over her charismatic matchmaker mother. This heart-warming comedy depicting the struggles of the matchmakers is sure to bring you laughter and some tears.

Director Naoki Maeda

Actor Ikkei Watanabe, Wakana Matsumoto, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Noriko Aoyama, Takashi Nagayama, Ryotaro Sakaguchi

Japan| 2022| 110min| | Studio Revo|

  • Love romance
  • Human drama


Naoki Maeda [Film Director]

Born in 1977 in Aichi prefecture, Maeda started his filmmaking career as a production manager for TV commercials at Yes Open. After moving to the UK to become a director, he made his commercial debut with short film Needlewood Antiques (2006). After four years in the UK, he now works in various fields as a Japanese-English bilingual director. His works have won awards and has been selected for competitions both domestically and globally, including the Grand Prix for the Yasujiro Ozu memorial Tateshinakogen Film Festival's Short Film Contest. Prominent works of his include “NAKODO -A Newborn Matchmaker: Yui-” (2021), “21 Century OJISAN”(2021),“Location of British Film Masterpiece” (2014), “Fighting OKAN” (2011), and HYPO (2008).


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