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Il Giovane Corsaro – Pasolini da Bologna


Theater screening

10/29 19:20–

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Pasolini, who left a clear mark on world cinematic history, was a Bologinian native. This film tracks the director's ties to the city.

A documentary film where a student, preparing to write a paper on Pasolini and Bologna, traces the famous director’s footprints in the City of Culture that nurtured him in his youth. As we watch, not only Bologna’s cultural climate where passion for various cultures and curiosity for all kinds of artistic ideology is encouraged but also the nature of the city which encompasses contradictions – conservatism and avant-garde, moderateness and extremism, Catholicism and epicureanism – slowly overlaps with Pasolini’s style. A film depicting Pasolini’s emotional, intuitive, and reflective ties with the city until his death.

Director Emilio Marrese

Actor Nico Guerzoni, Samantha Faina, Neri Marcorè

Italy| 2022| 95min| |

  • Human drama


Emilio Marrese [Film Director]

Marrese was born in Naples, Italy, and moved to Rome after some time in Bologna. From 1987, he worked as a journalist for the paper La Repubblica. As a writer, his first novel Rosa di fuoco (2010) won the 2011 Coni Prize for Best Sports Novel. As a filmmaker, he has won Best Documentary in the Rome Independent Film Festival with his 2010 work Via Volonté n.9. His latest project is Il Giovane Corsaro - Pasolini da Bologna, a documentary delving into the relationship between director Pasolini and the city of Bologna on the centenary of his birth.


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