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Oedipus Rex


Theater screening

10/29 16:50–

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Bolognian genius Pasolini presents an autobiographical version of the classic Oedipus the King tragedy.

Fearing Apollo’s oracle of patricide and incest, Oedipus leaves home to travel far away. On the course of his journey, he gets into a fight with King Laius who, as fate reveals, was his own father. Superimposing autobiographic elements onto the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex, the filmmaker reconstructed the classic into a history epic spanning the ancient times, the modern times, and today with unique and vibrant visuals. The art and costume, which conveys love and respect towards authentic Greek culture, are also striking features of the film. Winner of the 1969 Kinema Junpō “Best One”. Celebrating the centenary of Pasolini’s birth, Cineteca di Bologna, based in the director’s hometown, restored this masterpiece in 4K.

Director Pier Paolo Pasolini

Actor Franco Citti, Silvana Mangano, Alida Valli, Ninetto Davoli, Pier Paolo Pasolini

Italy| 1967| 105min| | COMPASS FILM S.R.L. Restoration:Cineteca di Bologna|

  • Love romance
  • Human drama


Pier Paolo Pasolini [Film Director]

Pasolini was born in Bologna, Italy. After studying literature and art in the University of Bologna, he made his debut as a film director with Accatone (1961). His 1964 film The Gospel According to St. Matthew won the Venice Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. After Oedipus Rex (1967), a fusion of the famous Greek tragedy with his autobiography, and Medea (1969) starring Maria Callas, he directs the “Trilogy of Life” constituting of Decameron (1971), The Canterbury Tales (1972), and Arabian Nights (1974). Through his career, he created a unique style where he traversed time and space in great versatility, from European to Asian, Arab, and African cultures, ancient myths to fantasies and documentaries, multiple-exposing everything to modern life to create odes to life.


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