Legend of the Eight Samurai


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May the stars guide us all. O constellations of the northern sky, annihilate evil as bringers of light.

Wicked Tamazusa, who became an immortal yokai by serving an evil spirit, invades the Tateyama Castle to take vengeance upon the Satomi clan. The Satomis are slaughtered, the sole survivor being young Princess Shizu. However, eight swordsmen, each carrying a bead with a carving representing the eight Cardinal Virtues, gather to aid her. They charge into the yokai army’s den, but the swordsmen fall in battle, one by one. The last one to remain, Shinbee, confronts Tamazusa alongside the Princess. An all-star cast appears in gorgeous costume and makeup in this SFX film. Yakushimaru and Sanada’s love scene also became the talk of the audience upon its release.

Director Kinji Fukasaku

Actor Hiroko Yakushimaru, Hiroyuki Sanada, Mari Natsuki, Shinichi Chiba

Japan| 1983| 136min| |

  • Action
  • Fantasy


Kinji Fukasaku [Film Director]

Kinji Fukasaku was born in Ibaraki. Graduate of Nihon University College of Art. He joined Toei in 1953, and debuted as director in 1961. With Jakoman and Tetsu (1964) creating a hit, he supports Toei’s yakuza stream. His alias as “Fukasaku of action films” becomes concrete with the Battles Without Honor and Humanity series (1973-1976), becoming the core of Toei’s account-based films. He stayed in the front-line with Shogun’s Samurai (1978), Swords of Vengeance (1978), Virus (1980), The Rage of Love (1988)and Battle Royale(2000). 1982, he wipes the film awards of that year with Fall Guy distributed by Shochiku. He then has produced Black Lizard (1968), Sure Death 4: Revenge (1987), and The Triple Cross (1992).


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