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Co-organized by the Period Research Society

A legenday film adaptation of Kyōka's drama. Amid contradicting norms, a savage spirit and actor Tamasaburo dominates the screen!

Back in the Taishō era, deep in the Echizen mountains, Hagiwara Akira and his wife Yuri lived as bellringers on the edge of Yashagaike pond. Based on the contract between villagers and Shirayuki-Hime, the god of the pond, the couple was tasked with ringing a bell thrice a day to avoid a catastrophic flood. However, their life is disturbed by a sudden visitor from Tokyo. The film, based on a 1913 drama written by Kyoka Izumi, has been highly acclaimed for Tamasaburo Bando’s alluring performance and the grand spectacle that awaits the audience in the finale. It is also highly interesting as a history film from the 1970s depicting the Taishō days and also as a film from an era where occultism, mystery, and fantasy attracted attention.

Director Masahiro Shinoda

Actor Tamasaburo Bando V, Go Kato, Tsutomu Yamazaki

Japan| 2021| 124min| |

  • Human drama
  • Fantasy


Masahiro Shinoda [Film Director]

Born in 1931, Gifu. 1953, he joins Shochiku Ofuna Studios. 1960, he debuts as director with “One Way Ticket to Love”. In the same year, after “Dry Lake” written by Shuji Terayama, he becomes a flag bearer of the Shochiku New Wave along with Nagisa Oshima and Yoshishige Yoshida. 1964, he films his first period film “The Assassin” in Shochiku Kyoto Studio, and continued to sublimate and renew the spirit and stylistic beauty of the Japanese culture into his visual expression as historical dramas in “Double Suicide” (1969), and “Gonza the Spearman” (1986) even after he established the Hyogensha production company.


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