Don’t Kill


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11/6 12:30–

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Based on Shūhei Fujisawa novel that director Inoue always wanted to cinematize. A heartrending story of men and a woman condensed in 52 minutes.

Kotani Zenzaemon, a masterless samurai living in a tenement house and surviving by making brushes, has been asked by his boatman neighbor Kichizō to keep an eye on his wife Omine. As a runaway couple in hiding, Kichizō has told his wife not to go anywhere beyond a nearby bridge. However, Omine was growing tired of her daily life full of restrictions. Inoue depicts the jealousy of three men with varying social standings and ages – Zenzaemon, Kichizō, and Omine’s former husband – in an almost cold manner, but eventually, the theme of the film – tolerance – emerges like a prayer. The memorable portrayal of bridges, a crucial symbol in Inoue’s later works, is also worth paying attention to.

Director Akira Inoue

Actor Baijaku Nakamura, Tasuku Emoto, Tamao Nakamura (special appearance), Hirotaro Honda, Sakura Ando

Japan| 2022| 52min| |

  • Love romance
  • Human drama


Akira Inoue [Film Director]

Inoue was born in 1928 in Kyoto Prefecture. After working as an assistant director for Kenji Mizoguchi and Kazuo Mori, he started directing his own films such as Zatoichi’s Revenge (1965) and Sleepy Eyes of Death: The Mask of the Princess (1966). He also worked on a total of seven jidaigeki pieces for Jidaigeki Senmon Channel, namely the four installments of the Onihira Gaiden series starting with Yousagi no Kakuemon (2011), Osoi Shiawase (2015), A Winter’s Day (2015), and finally Mizzling Rain (2017) from the Hashi-Monogatari anthology. Known as a distinguished master of filmmaking, he is an essential figure in the history of jidaigeki.


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