Kyoto HISTORICA Film Festival, the only historical film festival of the world, will be commemorating its 10th year anniversary this year, which coincidentally also is the 150th year since the beginning of the Meiji era (1868). Many films have been produced in Kyoto, being the origin of Japanese cinema, and I have reconfirmed that period films are an important local resource of Kyoto and that they are especially crucial for new cultures and the further growth of the industrial development in our future. This local resource has already attracted over 200 young filmmakers from over 60 countries worldwide with its period film workshop in Uzumasa, to nurture period film makers and directors, becoming fans of Kyoto, who have produced films released nationwide. We aspire to continue to present new ways of appreciating film, as a film festival worthy of Kyoto, the capital of culture.


Takatoshi Nishiwaki, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture.


Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival will be in its 10th year this year, which started out in 2009 as the only international film festival in the world with history as its theme.
This film festival held in Kyoto, a city rich in both history and culture as well as being the origin of Japanese cinema, was a place for us to reflect on the present through historical films. It is a great accomplishment to be able to reassess the values of Japanese cinema and be inspired towards new creations, through inviting directors, producers and crew who have worked in the film industry from all over the world.
What history are the people of this world looking for now? We hope that you will find a new face to films through the power, the beauty and the truth of mankind that can only be portrayed through historical films.

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
Chairman Tsutomu Abe
Executive Vice President, Shochiku MediaWorX Inc.


30 years ago, there was a bubble for period films too, where the arcades of Uzumasa were full of men with “chonmage” (samurai hairstyle). 20 years ago, period films were rapidly replaced with modern drama. 10 years ago, we had an opportunity to start a festival.
Cinema, period films and the world has changed in these past 10 years. In the following 10 years, technology and the world will probably see a great change that history has never experienced. However, the historical films of the world that we have been watching through these 10 years have taught us that there is never an age, that is not of great change. Again, historical films have taught us that it is not VFX or multiplexes that change the history of film, but courage. It is the challenges to do something different, to make a film that nobody has ever seen, that creates history.

Will we manage to uphold this courage and curiosity that fuels us in the next 10 years?

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
Program director Ken Takahashi
Manager of sound stages, Production services Dept, Toei Kyoto Movie Studios