Kansai Premiere

『The Village of No Return』
Forget the past and live happily ever after!? A dark-fantasy by proficient comedy director.

『The Village of No Return』

Director:CHEN Yu-Hsun

Cast:Shu Qi, WANG Qianyuan, CHANG Hsiao-Chuan, LIN Mei-Hsiu, Yo YANG, Eric TSANG

Contory:Taiwan, China



International Sales: ABLAZE IMAGE


Once upon a time, in a remote and isolated DesireVillage in China, the villagers were caught up in theeveryday conflicts and complicated relationships,unaware of Squire Shih’s conspiracy to wipe out thewhole village. One day, a mysterious Taoist priestsuddenly dropped in, bringing along a magicalequipment that can erase one’s memory. Since then, allthe villagers had forgotten their turbulent past, living onwith total different identities. None of them was aware oftheir false happiness and the fact that they had beeninvolved in a far more dangerous intrigue…


Director Chen Yu-Hsun is a talent of comedy filmsknown for “Tropical Fish” and “Love Go Go” , andTaiwanese hit film “Zone Pro Site: The Movable Feast” inJapan. This film is vividly ornamented with dark humor,and stars actors, such as the international actress QiShu, who play the interesting characters. Enjoy directorChen Yu-hsun’s original colour. He is awarded theNETPAC Award (Best Asian Film) at the BucheonInternational Fantastic Film Festival 2017.

Director:CHEN Yu-Hsun

CHEN Yu-Hsun is a renowned commercial director and filmmaker who has achieved fame for hisunique sense of humor and is regarded as the master of comedies.His first feature “Tropical Fish”(’95) is both commercially successful and critically acclaimed, awarded the Blue Leopard Prize atLocarno Film Festival. In 2013, his long awaited third feature “Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast” is abreakout hit of the year, marking another milestone of comedy movie in the history of Taiwan cinema.