Kansai Premiere



Director:Svetoslav Ovtcharov

Cast:Assen Blatechki, Ivan Barnev, Valentin Ganev




International Sales: Omega Films


It is the spring of 1913. The Balkan Wars are underway. ATurkish battleship is terrorizing the Bulgarian army withits long-range weapons. In spite of some internaldisagreements, a group of desperate Bulgarian soldierstake it upon themselves to transport a boat overland,which they intend to turn into a torpedo, with which tosink the battleship. Along the way, the Bulgarians run intosome Turkish soldiers, who gradually stop being theirenemies and turn into their allies. The disagreementsbetween the Bulgarians themselves might turn out to bemore powerful than their hatred towards their enemies.


The black and white film carefully shows the interactionsbetween Bulgarian soldiers full of character. Areality exists behind these men, not portrayed as cool orhandsome, that war could have been a part of daily life.A tasteful film that depicts the conflicts of a human’smind as a black humor.

Director:Svetoslav Ovtcharov

Born in 1957 in Bulgaria. He is the author of 3 books and several theatre and TV plays. He has written andthe directed 26 documentaries and 6 feature films. Most of them participated in various prestigious filmfestivals like Cairo, Pusan, Warsaw, Moscow, Thessaloniki, Sao Paolo, Haifa IFF etc.. Among them is thefeature film “Voice over” which won Best Director Award and FIPRESCI Award at Cairo IFF in 2010. He isalso the writer of the debut film “Thirst” which won various awards and was presented at over 60 festivalsaround the world. His last feature is called “Enemies”. Currently he is a professor at the National Academyfor Theatre and Film Arts.