Japan Premiere

『Kincsem – Bet on Revenge』
Kincsem, the most successful Thoroughbred in horse racing history. A white-knuckle spectacle of love and revenge.

『Kincsem – Bet on Revenge』

Director:Gábor Herendi

Cast:Ervin Nagy, Andrea Petrik




Festival Distribution: Hungarian National Film Fund


Which is sweeter? Love or revenge? This doubledilemma defines the life of Erno Blaskovich. The youngErno is an involuntary witness when his father is shotdead by his Austrian rival, Baron Von Oettingen, after thefall of the 1848 revolution. The Baron then receives theBlaskovich estate as reward for his services to theimperial throne. 25 years later and, denied of his rightfulinheritance, the now adult Blaskovich is determined tohave his revenge but now peace prevails in theAustro-Hungarian Empire. This only leaves Blaskovichwith one clear path and that is to beat the pride of VonOettingen’s racing stable in the sport of kings.Their race to be the best soon turns into a powerstruggle of national significance. Blaskovich is fortunateto find his invincible Kincsem as well as the love of hislife, who just happens to be Klára von Oettingen,daughter of the man who killed his father in cold blood.So now the dilemma dawns: is it to be revenge or love?


A human-drama based on the true story of the worldfamous race horse Kincsem, with 54 wins out of 54starts. The largest scale domestic Hungarian film, withthe best box-office income in the past 10 years. A greatpiece of entertainment with satisfying details such as thecompelling race scenes and eccentric costumes. Also afilm for horse-lovers, with famous Kincsem episodessuch as her best friend being a cat.

Director:Gábor Herendi

Born in 1960. After a few years as creative director for ad agency BBDO Hungary, Herendi started hisown commercial production company, Skyfilm Studio in 1991. Skyfilm became the highest earning andmost award winning company of its kind in Hungary. After ten years and over 500 commercial spots,decided to direct his first feature film in 2001. He won lots of awards, his movies got three times theAward of the Highest Cinema Admissions.