Kansai Premiere

Welcome back Lumière! A project in commemoration of 120 years of Kyoto Cinema. Cannes International Film Festival General Director restores Lumière films in 4K.


Director:Thierry Frémaux




Japanese narration: Shiraku Tatekawa
Distribution: GAGA



“Lumière!” highly praised by Martin Scorsese as a“world’s treasure”. 108 precious films of the 1422 shotby the Lumière brothers, the pioneers of cinema, from1895 to 1905 have been restored in digital 4K. Directed,written, edited, produced, and narrated by the director ofInstitut Lumière, and also with the French film directorBertrand Tavernier, president of Institut Lumière, asproducer, it is a must-see for film lovers. Including theLumière brothers’ famous works such as “WorkersLeaving the Lumière Factory”, “The Arrival Of A Train AtLa Ciotat Station”, and “The Waterer Watered”, theycaptured the vivid everyday life and images of cities allover the world, such as France and Italy from Europe,America, Egypt, Vietnam and Japan, regardless of thefact that transportation and communication were stillunder development at the time. This film also features ashort film shot in Kyoto, though it is only for 50 seconds,we hope that you enjoy the past Japan. This is wherecinema began.We will screen the film with Japanese narration, for theaudience to be able to fully enjoy the films of 122 yearsago. The narration is by rakugo storyteller, ShirakuTatekawa, as his first time in narrating for a film. Pleasealso enjoy his charming voice.

Director:Thierry Frémaux

Born in 1960, Isère, France. Becomes Art Director for Cannes International Film Festival in 2001, and General Director from 2007. Also the Director of Institut Lumière of Lyon. Has a black belt in judo.