Japan Premiere
Opening Screening

『A Story From Chikamatsu』
30th Tokyo International Film Festival Japanese Cinema Classics @KHIFF
Revival of director Kenji Mizoguchi and artisans of Kyoto! Japan premier of 4K restored “A Story From Chikamatsu” in Kyoto.

『A Story From Chikamatsu』

Director:Kenji Mizoguchi

Cast:Kazuo Hasegawa, Kyoko Kagawa, Yoko Minamida, Eitaro Shindo, Sakae Ozawa




Distribution: KADOKAWA


The great scroll master of Shijo Karasuma creates scrolls for the imperial court, and had the same social status as a palace official. He would be able to publish the calendar every year and was very wealthy. The snobbish current master Ishun was married to his young, second wife Osan. Osan seeks for help from top clerk Mohei when her brother begs her for money, Mohei decided to help her from the shop’s funds. Mohei is caught by Ishun and is confined in a storeroom. Osan, who hears from the maid Otama that Ishun is harassing her night by night, decides to sleep in Otama’s bed to confront her husband. However, it was Mohei who arrived, to thank Otama who had asked Ishun to stop intimidating him. Unfortunately the two were found together and were accused of having an affair. Ishun attempts to hide the scandal. However, Osan and Mohei flee, prepared to face execution...


One of the masterpieces of Kenji Mizoguchi, Kyoto-baseddirector who left many films in the world’s history ofcinema. With a grant from The Japan Foundation, the 4Kdigital restoration of the film by KADOKAWA and directorMartin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation in New York, waspremiered at the Venice International Film Festival in2017. The tragedy deepens its trails along a destinedroute with a delicate portrayal of the times. Death startsto glimpse around the young wife, creating a sense ofeerie beauty. The climax will strike viewers with thesublimity of a man and woman who have made theirresolve. Enjoy the art, cinematography and lighting, thetechniques of Daiei Kyoto Studios’ artisans, restoredwith the latest digital technology.

Director:Kenji Mizoguchi

Born in 1898, Yushima, Tokyo. Makes his debut as film director with “The Resurrection of Love” in 1923, a Nikkatsu film. He moves hiscreative base to Kyoto after the Great Kanto Earthquake. He transfers to Daiichi Eiga from Nikkatsu, to create masterpieces “NaniwaElegy” (’36) and “Sisters of the Gion” (’36) with screenwriter Yoshikata Yoda. He develops his signature one-scene-one-cut methodwith “The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums” (’39), a Shochiku Shimogamo film on the arts. He becomes a leading director of Japanwith the epic film “The 47 Ronin” (’41, ’42). The Daiei Kyoto Studio films “Ugetsu” (’53) and “Sansho the Bailiff” (’54) were submitted tothe Venice International Film Festival, and Mizoguchi is awarded for 3 consecutive years, with “The Life of Oharu” the previous year.He is awarded the Art Encouragement Prize for “A Story From Chikamatsu” (’54), where he depicts the suppression, resistance andsad love of people under the feudal system. He was 58 years old at death, in 1956.