『Lord of Shanghai』
Lord of Shanghai, forever. Sin city Shanghai burns up in flames of hatred.

『Lord of Shanghai』

Director:Sherwood Hu

Cast:Jun Hu, Nan Yu, Rhydian Vaughan, Hao Qin, Meng Li





Cassia, a maid of a brothel is treated as a hindrance by the Mistress for her “unbound feet and large breasts”. One day, the boss of a triad, Chang Lixiong, falls in love with her and she becomes the lady of the Lord of Shanghai. However, Chang Lixiong is assassinated whilst meeting the leader of an alliance. Cassia, unable to seek for help from anyone, gives birth to her daughter and flees to the countryside. Years later, after much hard work, Cassia returns as a Shanghai Opera Singer. With help from the second generation Lord of Shanghai, she becomes a star singer. Although Cassia reaches stardom, she never forgot about avenging for her man. Cassia realises her love for Peiyu. At the same time, she discovers that Peiyu was the traitor.


Mainland China’s national star Jun Fu and popular young actress Meng Li’s co-appearance. Tragedy awaits in sin city Shanghai, where the leader of a secret triad falls in love with a young girl sold to a brothel. The Metropolis whirling with the Empire’s conspiracy, and gorgeous women dancing to jazz music. The men who couldn’t follow the old-fashioned Qing dynasty, form triads to compete for supremacy. Leading director Sherwood Hu of the Chinese Film industry with international backgrounds, show the best of both new and old stars with his entertaining choreography. The revenge where memories towards Jun Fu who dies in the first half turn into an obsession, is Meng Li’s version of “The Yakuza Wives”.

Director:Sherwood Hu

Born in Shanghai. He studied at the State University of New York and University of Hawaii for his PhD. After studying at New York’s public theatre, he starts his career as theatre director. He directs the film “WARRIOR LANLING” based on his own theatrical play. Coppola is listed as executive producer for his second film “LANI LOA”. After returning to China to establish Hus Entertainment, he produces many quality hits in television and film. He is currently known as the most dynamic and exciting director of China.