― The two lords of Kishu and Owari disguise as commoners To punish the villains of neighboring countries in an intense entertainment period film. ―


Director:Naoki Uesugi

Screenplay:Noribumi Suzuki

Cast:Kunihiko Mitamura, Tokuma Nishioka, Masaki Kyomoto, Shohei Hino

Music:Koichi Fujino




Presented by TOEI COMPANY, LTD.


It is the tenth shogun, Ieharu's reign. As Ieharu was not blessed with an heir and was already becoming old, the biggest outstanding problem of the current regime, was the next shogun to succeed. Two names from the three houses of Tokugawa were raised under consideration; the Kishu councillor Harusada Tokugawa and the Owari councillor Muneyoshi Tokugawa. The two who had known each other from childhood become tired of the fighting for the shogun post, and decides to leave the clan to live as traveling commoners, the earnest youth Haru, and the playful ladies' man Mune. They encounter various villains at their destinations, and bring justice upon them.


A lord hides his identity to travel neighboring countries and get rid of villains. The transformation into the formal wear of a lord with the noble crest of Aoi, the fast magic-like tempo, the dialogue between the two completely opposite characters, the unique characters such as the transvestite entertainer and genius inventor of the troupe, all make this didactic entertainment period drama, a piece worth watching over and over again.