― The combination of the sword master Konoe and Shinagawa. A popular series starting with Saburo Kitajima's song. ―


Director:Yasushi Sasaki

Screenplay:Shinji Kessoku

Original Author:Norio Nanjo

Cast:Jushiro Konoe, Ryuji Shinagawa

Music:Hiroya Abe




Presented by TOEI COMPANY, LTD.


A travel record of the suronin Hyogo Tsukikage, a master of the no-style sword and Hanji of Yaizu, a traveller that despises twisted things, who travel freely together to help the weak and beat the bullies. Hyogo rescues a princess on the run during his travel. He disguises her as a town girl to pass the mountain, but Hanzo mistakes him for a villain and causes a commotion.


During the broadcasting period, the popular series kept an audience rating of over 20%, and captured the hearts of the young and old. Jyushiro Konoe, known for playing the role of Jyube Yagyuu, shows superb acting with his comedic, yet scarier than a monster when angered, Hyogo. Again, the dialogue between Ryuji Shinagawa's steady and humorous Hanji brought laughter to the home. Based on the period novel by Norio Nanjyo.