― Sou Yamamura, Yoichi Hayashi and Ken Ogata become cold blooded killers. The first of a series with endless passionate fans. ―


Director:Eiichi Kudo

Screenplay:Tatsuo Nogami

Cast:Makoto Fujita, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Katsuo Nakamura, Mie Nakao

Music:Masaaki Hirao




Presented by SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.


A shikakenin was an under-the-cover trade that undertook killing in Edo. Hanemon of Otowa, an agency that introduced laborers and maids, was also one of these. Katsugoro Iseya was a timber dealer who had come in as a client. His target was the constructions magistrate Hanno, and the Tatsumiya who sipped on the benefits. Hanemon who had a stong code towards killing, where he would only kill those who do no good to be in the world, accepts this request. Baian Fujieda, a needle doctor would carry out the killing. However, the professional killer Baian fails to bring down Tatsumiya. Hanemon then looks to another shikakenin, the ronin Sanai Nishimura for the role. Although Sanai's ability with the sword is good, he lives poorly in a tenement, and accepts this commission on the condition that it is kept a secret from his wife and child. Here, they close in on Hanno and Tatsumiya again...


A professional killer, shikakenin, is the main protagonist of this unique period film, who has a code for killing: he will not kill unless the target is a person of no use existing in the world, moreover, a person that brings harm to others and the world. Sou Yamamura, who has the ideal image of a father, Yoichi Hayashi, with his sweet and handsome looks, and the sociable good natured Ken Ogata all seem unrelated to a killer, but the three all use their unique qualities to play the role of an assassin. The three banal commoners who transform into a cold-blooded professional killer once taking on a job, create a tense atmosphere using various techniques to carry out the kill, and stir excitement by punishing the evil on behalf of the commoners. The first of the much famous "Hissatsu" series.