― Ishimatsu of Mori, the famous henchman of Jirocho Shimizu. Kankuro Nakamura V plays the record breaking character. ―


Director:Akira Inoue

Screenplay:Narito Kaneko

Cast:Kankuro Nakamura(V), Shohei Hino, Mami Nomura, Tamao Nakamura, Ittoku Kishibe, Renji Ishibashi, Ikkou Furuya

Music:Kouichi Hiro




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The sentimental simpleton Ishimatsu must leave for an errand on behalf of his boss Jirocho to Konpira in Sanuki, before having a chance to let his feelings towards his brother's ex-lover Oharu in the open. Successfully completing his errand, Ishimatsu visits Kamataro of Miukeyama, a chivalrous yakuza, who gives him a hundred golds as a funeral gift for Jirocho's lost wife. On his way home towards Shimizu harbour, Ishimatsu pays a visit to his brother-in-law, Tsunekichi. He can only rejoice this reunion for a short while, as Tsunekichi's brother, Yoshibei asks to borrow the hundred golds that Ishimatsu has.


Kankuro Nakamura V plays the role of the Jirocho family's beloved Ishimatsu. Ishimatsu is an extremely honest and simple character, but values justice, despises immorality, fights oppressive power, and is always an ally to the weak. Kankuro plays the role of a jolly fellow, rare in the yakuza society at the time, with a jaunty touch to make a delightful masterpiece of period film. The Kankuro father and son can be seen together on stage at the Kanamaru theatre. A classy casting brings Kankuro Nakamaru V's "Mori no Ishimatsu".