― Alcohol, gamble and night life... Ken Watanabe heads to the Nightlife district to punish the bosses in a thrilling period film. ―


Director:Eichi Kudo

Screenplay:Seiko Shimura

Cast:Ken Watanabe, Kimiko Ikegami, Chosuke Ikariya, Tatsuo Nadaka

Music:Kimio Nomura




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Koheita comes to take on the post at the Tanabe town magistrate of Tango from the Edo clan house. An evil nightlife district named "horisoto" lead by the three bosses Nadahachi, Omasa and Saibe stands outside the castle. They sip on the benefits with their connections to the executives. Koheita disguises himself as a yakuza to go to the horisoto to gamble, and splurge. Saibe charmed by Koheita's generous spending, holds a feast. There, Koheita finds Kosei, a Tatsumi Geisha famous in Edo, and is surprised. He is targeted by an assassin sent by the young samurais, but manages to save himself. He becomes anxious as the young samurais are supposed to lend him a hand in destroying horisoto.


The success story of Koheita Mochizuki, the record breaking magistrate from Edo, is set upon the background of a cesspool nightlife district by the castle of the Tanabe clan of Tango. The location took place in Wanihama of Biwa Lake, where a bridge was constructed in order to join the hang-out for shooting. Ken Watanabe plays the role of Mochizuki who literally jumps in naked to beat the bosses. With romance and action, the film can be enjoyed as an entertainment period film. Based on the same title novel by Shugoro Yamamoto.