― The ninjas secretly engage in the confusion of the Tokugawa government's heir problem. Full of dynamic sword and action scenes. ―


Director:Yoshiyuki Kuroda

Screenplay:Tatsuo Nogami, Takato Ishikawa

Cast:Shinichi Chiba, Sou Yamamura, Mikio Narita, Kirin Kiki, Yasuaki Kurata

Music:Shigeki Watanabe




Presented by TOEI COMPANY, LTD.


The third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu has passed away. 5 year old Ietsuna succeeds as fourth shogun, but as he cannot yet take part in political affairs, Masayuki Hoshina of the Aizu clan, who is also a step-brother to Iemitsu, stands as an assistant. Meanwhile, the governmental heads plot to take hold of the authority themselves. At the same time, the head councillor Masamori Hotta is assaulted, and the Iga men are suspected of conspiracy. Oozaru Shimotsuge, who was also an Iga ninja like the third Hanzo Hattori, irritated that Hanzo is not making a move, burns in ambition to defeat the Kouka and become the official oniwaban. However, although Hanzo warns that this may inflict disaster upon the other Iga members, Oozaru mocks him.


At any time there are always struggles for authority. When the world is corrupt, a shadow stands up to fight off the darkness. The young Ietsuna takes up the position of the fourth Tokugawa shogun. An action period drama that depicts Iga and Kouka that are used as tools to cause war in the struggle for power in the midst of political confusion. Created at the same time as Eiichi Kudo's film "Shadow Warriors: Hanzo Hattori", this television series is led by Shinichi Chiba's Japan Action Club that brings dynamic action every time. The comical dialogue between Shinichi Chiba and Kirin Kiki within the power war is a must see.