― Second generation bored samurai with the crescent moon scar. A popular piece with a double father-to-son succession. ―


Director:Akinori Matsuo

Screenplay:Koji Takada, Seiko Shimura

Cast:Kinya Kitaoji, Masaaki Sakai, Hiroyuki Nagato

Music:Toshiaki Tsushima




Presented by TOEI COMPANY, LTD.


Supervisor Yamashiro-no-kami Naito finds that the Satsuma clan chief retainer Kenmotsu Ijyuuin is joining hands with a certain key figure, in order to plot the subversion of the government. However, as he could not find written proof of the rebellion, he commits suicide to take responsibility. Mondonosuke Saotome, who had and intimate friendship with Yamashiro-no-kami, rages in Kagoshima as his boredom is stirred.


A hit series where Kinya Kitaoji plays the bored samurai with the crescent moon shaped scar, the role that his father Utaemon Ichikawa had continued to play for years. As Sakai Masaaki also succeeds his father to play the role of Kinai Sasao, Mondonosuke's attendant, there are two father-to-son successions. Many famous stars appear as guests, including Hiroyuki Nagato who plays Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, Shinobu Sakagami, Takashi Naito, Nagisa Katahira and Yumi Takigawa. Some side roles were also played by those who rarely made appearances in dramas, such as Utamaru Katsura and Kikuzo Hayashiya (of the time).