The latest film of Asia's maestro who has continued to lead the revolution of historical action, and the challenge of the Japanese who has switched his game to Hollywood. Please see the change in historical films that is happening in the world right now with the special screenings and long talks.

Opening Screening

China, Hong Kong/2014/142min

Director:Tsui Hark 

― Tsui Harks's Chinese hero story. An action spectacle bursting with CG magic. ―

The story is set in 1946 where thieves oppressed the north-east of China and threatened the commoners. At the impregnable fortress 'Tiger Mountain', armed with a powerful cannon, a man feared to be kn … more

Closing Screening

United States/2015/115min

Director:Kazuaki Kiriya 

― Director Kazuaki Kiriya advances to Hollywood with “Chushingura” The “last knights” raid in a sublime atmosphere. ―

The noble Bartok, the lord of a feudal state, is put to trial for treason as he falls under the evil minister Geza Mott's plot. Bartok, who worries of the corrupt state's future, is sentenced to death … more


Introducing a selection of films, including some that will be shown in Japan for the first time, from the revival of period films that is erupting all over the world. Whilst being about history, these films are of high quality entertainment, fit to cut through the present.

Japan Premiere

Austria, Switzerland/2014/87min

Director:David Ruehm  

― Sick of spending 500 years together! A black comedy of a frustrated vampire. ―

Vienna, the early 1930s: One night Sigmund Freud has a new patient on his couch – a mysterious count who can no longer bear the “eternally long” relationship with his wife. The vain countess incessant … more

Japan Premiere

Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina/2015/125min

Director:Ciro Guerra  

― An explorer and an Amazonian shaman set off to the depths of the Amazon. A shocking Art Cinema Award winner of the 2015 Cannes Directors' Fortnight. ―

Karamakate, a powerful Amazonian shaman, last survivor of his people, dwells deep in the jungle, in voluntary isolation. Decades of solitude have turned him into a chullachaqui, an empty shell of a hu … more

Japan Premiere

Germany, Estonia, Finland/2015/98min

Director:Klaus Härö  

― The meaning of life that the children taught him... What a man who later becomes a legendary coach puts his life into. ―

A young man, Endel Nelis, arrives in Haapsalu, Estonia, in the early 1950s. Having left Leningrad to escape the secret police, he finds work as a teacher and founds a sports club for his students. End … more

Japan Premiere


Director:Ken Ochiai  

― A first from Shochiku's young label to be marketed overseas. A powerful film about a new “NINJA” style. ―

Ninjas have been banned by the government after being seen as a threat. In a time where Ninjas have been thought to no longer exist, the Nagano clan heads towards Edo, seeking for help for the clan. W … more



Director:Ifa Isfansyah  

― A cane action entertainment from Indonesia. Who will be the one to inherit the heart and technique of the golden cane? ―

The well-respected CEMPAKA who holds the mighty and powerful Golden Cane relic weapon and its ultimate deadly moves, was expected to announce its successor to one of its most talented students. Murder … more

Japan Premiere


Director:Philipp Stölzl  

― The travel to golden age Persia for knowledge of medicine Based on the world's bestselling adventure novel. ―

11th Century England. Young Rob working heavily at a coal mine faces the tragedy of his beloved mother's death. After becoming penny-less, he apprentices himself to an itinerant barber surgeon. Growin … more


Even compared to the world, Japan is abundant in period film. Television period films have put all effort and ideas into spreading their diversity since the 1960s. The fierce challenges of our seniors who carried on updating period films for each airing, can be experienced as a product of the present.


Japan/ 1992/ 94min
Director:Akira Inoue  Screenplay:Narito Kaneko

Music:Kouichi Hiro

― Ishimatsu of Mori, the famous henchman of Jirocho Shimizu. Kankuro Nakamura V plays the record breaking character. ―

The sentimental simpleton Ishimatsu must leave for an errand on behalf of his boss Jirocho to Konpira in Sanuki, before having a chance to let his feelings towards his brother's ex-lover Oharu in the … more


Japan/ 1992/ 94min
Director:Eichi Kudo  Screenplay:Seiko Shimura

Music:Kimio Nomura

― Alcohol, gamble and night life... Ken Watanabe heads to the Nightlife district to punish the bosses in a thrilling period film. ―

Koheita comes to take on the post at the Tanabe town magistrate of Tango from the Edo clan house. An evil nightlife district named "horisoto" lead by the three bosses Nadahachi, Omasa and Saibe stands … more


Japan/ 2002/ 72min
Director:Ken Watanabe  Screenplay:Narito Kaneko

Original Author:Renzaburo Shibata  Music:Masaru Sato

― Ken Watanabe, Zankuro who puts his life on a bond from Edo, takes direction. The last of the challenges towards hopeless battles. ―

Within the uproar in Edo caused by the Perry Expedition, Zankuro's older brother Yoichibe, who had been adopted into another family, had committed seppuku after robbing public money. However, Zankuro … more


Japan/ 1987/ 45min
Director:Kazuyoshi Yoshikawa  Screenplay:Tatsuo Nogami

Music:Asei Kobayashi

― The three unique suronin defeat evil with the blade of justice. A thrilling drama that has added new charms to period film. ―

Heishiro Yasaka, also known as Tono-sama, Shinnosuke Kuji, aka Sengoku, and Jinnai Tsubakuro, aka Tako, who all seem to have a hidden past head towards Edo through the Koshu Highway. The place is Fuka … more


Japan/ 1995/ 94min
Director:Kinji Fukasaku  Screenplay:Motomu Furuta

Music:Jyun Nagao

― Loyalty or the aesthetics of a samurai... The great battle over the death of the Hosokawa clan, and it's last moment. ―

Spring, 18th year of Kanei. Tadatoshi Hosokawa, the feudal lord of Higo dies of illness. While fighting his illness, Tadatoshi forbade his vassals from following his death, but as they end up committi … more


Japan/ 1972/ 45min
Director:Kinji Fukasaku  Screenplay:Kaneo Ikegami

Original Author:Shotaro Ikenami  Music:Masaaki Hirao

― Sou Yamamura, Yoichi Hayashi and Ken Ogata become cold blooded killers. The first of a series with endless passionate fans. ―

A shikakenin was an under-the-cover trade that undertook killing in Edo. Hanemon of Otowa, an agency that introduced laborers and maids, was also one of these. Katsugoro Iseya was a timber dealer who … more


Japan/ 1977/ 45min
Director:Eiichi Kudo  Screenplay:Tatsuo Nogami

Music:Masaaki Hirao

― Sou Yamamura, Yoichi Hayashi and Ken Ogata become cold blooded killers. The first of a series with endless passionate fans. ―

A shikakenin was an under-the-cover trade that undertook killing in Edo. Hanemon of Otowa, an agency that introduced laborers and maids, was also one of these. Katsugoro Iseya was a timber dealer who … more


Japan/ 1978/ 47min
Director:Shintaro Katsu  Screenplay:Shintaro Katsu, Tsutomu Nakamura

Music:Kunihiko Murai

― The blind assassin Ichi kills the unforgivable. A truly moving film that shows Katsu and the young Mieko Harada's intense charms. ―

Young Jinta who wants to become a yakuza is told by Seibe of Yotsuya to kill Zatoichi as a condition of becoming his henchman. He of course stands no chance. Ichi leaves the injured Jinta at the infir … more


Japan/ 1980/ 45min
Director:Yoshiyuki Kuroda  Screenplay:Tatsuo Nogami, Takato Ishikawa

Music:Shigeki Watanabe

― The ninjas secretly engage in the confusion of the Tokugawa government's heir problem. Full of dynamic sword and action scenes. ―

The third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu has passed away. 5 year old Ietsuna succeeds as fourth shogun, but as he cannot yet take part in political affairs, Masayuki Hoshina of the Aizu clan, who is also a … more


Japan/ 1994/ 90min
Director:Naoki Uesugi  Screenplay:Noribumi Suzuki

Music:Koichi Fujino

― The two lords of Kishu and Owari disguise as commoners To punish the villains of neighboring countries in an intense entertainment period film. ―

It is the tenth shogun, Ieharu's reign. As Ieharu was not blessed with an heir and was already becoming old, the biggest outstanding problem of the current regime, was the next shogun to succeed. Two … more


Japan/ 1965年/ 50min
Director:Yasushi Sasaki  Screenplay:Shinji Kessoku

Original Author:Norio Nanjo  Music:Hiroya Abe

― The combination of the sword master Konoe and Shinagawa. A popular series starting with Saburo Kitajima's song. ―

A travel record of the suronin Hyogo Tsukikage, a master of the no-style sword and Hanji of Yaizu, a traveller that despises twisted things, who travel freely together to help the weak and beat the bu … more


Japan/ 1967/ 25min
Director:【Epsode1】Junji Kurata【Epsode10】Tetsuya Yamanouchi  Screenplay:Masaru Igami

Original Author:Mitsuteru Yokoyama  Music:Hirooki Ogawa

― A scroll painting of ninja arts that spread high and low. A live action period fantasy. ―

【Epsode1】When Hideyoshi Toyotomi was still named Toukichiro Kinoshita, a strange religious cult, Kinme-kyo was trending about the south of Biwa Lake. Apparently, those who do no put faith in this reli … more


Japan/ 1988/ 94min
Director:Akinori Matsuo  Screenplay:Koji Takada, Seiko Shimura

Music:Toshiaki Tsushima

― Second generation bored samurai with the crescent moon scar. A popular piece with a double father-to-son succession. ―

Supervisor Yamashiro-no-kami Naito finds that the Satsuma clan chief retainer Kenmotsu Ijyuuin is joining hands with a certain key figure, in order to plot the subversion of the government. However, a … more


Japan/ 1991/ 94min
Director:Mio Ezaki  Screenplay:Seiko Shimura

Music:Seiji Yokoyama

― A special version of Yasuko Sawaguchi's princess Teru. The seven transformations into a princess, samurai, town girl, geisha and more, are a must see. ―

It is a new year in Edo. There are continuous attacks on the lion dancers from New Year’s Day. There is eventually a death. The culprit has run away, but drops a red amulet bag. A fortune teller arriv … more



United States/ 2006/ 123min  
Director:Sofia Coppola
Cast:Kirsten Dunst, Asia Argento, Jason Schwartzman

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