After creating period films for years in Kyoto, the origin of Japanese film, we started up the Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival in order to view the world’s various films through a larger concept, “historical play”, and this year we will be commemorating our 7th year anniversary.
 2015 may turn out to become a year that everyone has had to think about the connection between the present and the past, but there may be certain strengths, beauties and truths about human nature that can only be depicted through historical films.
 We believe that the films that will be screened at the festival, will all bring new excitement and delight.
 Please enjoy the fascination of historical plays that are expressed through film.
 Again, we hope that the people of the world who visit this film festival, will find this place, to be a place to communicate about each other’s histories and cultures.

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
Chairman Tsutomu Abe

General information

Some have left their place of origin to a distant land.
Some tirelessly look for an unknown mountain to challenge.
They may be seen as a runaway or recluse from one side, or an intruder or outsider from another side.
Some will drive away those who leave, and some will reject those who try to intrude.
In future generations, these people will be seen as explorers, innovators, and even failures dreaming to succeed.

The borders that have been built by states, races, religions, science and law, become more and more obvious, and difficult to pass.
Those who keep to their borders, those who violate them, those who overcome them, and those who reject them.
The dramas of history lie within these people.

This year again, Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival have gathered historical films of the world, that have a sharp enough edge to cut through today.
The protagonists include a man that stands in a jungle far from his country and civilization, a coach who teaches fencing in a town hiding from the secret police, and the men who fight for their utter loyalty.

These protagonists from the east and west all have one thing in common, their determined look that faces the borderline.
Born to be a samurai.
Catch the lifestyles of the samurai who challenge the historical border, in this historical city, Kyoto.

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
Program director Ken Takahashi

Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival (KHIFF)
October 31st – November 8th, 2015
The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto Minami-Kaikan
Hosted by:
Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
(Toei Company, Ltd., Shochiku Studio Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefectural Government, Ritsumeikan University, The Museum of Kyoto, Toei Kyoto Studio Co., Ltd., Iwamoto Metal Co., Ltd. )
Co-hosted by:
KYOTO CMEX Executive Committee
Presented under the auspices of:
Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan, Inc./Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan/Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Inc. /FM-KYOTO Inc.
TESPAC Co., Ltd./Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo
Books OGAKI Co., Ltd.
Supported by:
Japan Arts Council