Dates & Times:
November 26th (Sat) 9 am – 8 pm, November 27th (Sun) 9 am – 5 pm

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Uzumasa Sengoku Festival Cospatio Admission
(for cosplayers & photographers):

Advance (1day pass); Adults 3,200 / Students 18 and younger 2,200

Door (1day pass); Adults 3,200 + 500 door charge /
Students 18 and younger 2,200 + 500 door charge

Cospatio ticket includes admission to Toei Kyoto Studio Park and changing room use.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park Admission ( non-Cospatio participants):
Adults 2,200 / Students age 5 – 18 1,300 /
Children 4 years old and younger 1,100

For more information, please visit Toei Kyoto Studio Park’s website.

Uzumasa Sengoku Festival official website: http://www.joraku.jp/

Uzumasa Sengoku Festival 2011 Theme: Heroes & Legends

The Uzumasa area is said to be one of the most mysterious places in Kyoto. The area has attracted many people over the years and was long described as “the origin of the rising sun” and “the home of immigrants to Japan.” The Uzumasa Sengoku Festival is based in this historic area where heroes and legends come together.

Showcase – Shin Rekishi Emaki

Historically themed games, anime and more will be showcased and sold at booths in a recreation of an Edo period town on the open set at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Booths include the Sengoku Gyoha Dullahan -Kagen no Keishosha, Sengoku BASARA UTAGE 3 and Rurouni Kenshin; all must-sees this year! Booth details will be announced soon!

“Sengoku BASARA UTAGE 3” Talk Session

Hiroyuki Kobayashi Producer Keiji Fujiwara
(Voice of Hisahide Matsunaga) basara3
Hiroyuki Kobayashi(Producer) Keiji Fujiwara(Voice of Hisahide Matsunaga) (C)CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Popularity of the Sengoku BASARA series has heated up thanks to the release of “Sengoku BASARA UTAGE,” the latest installment in the series. At Nakamuraza Theater, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer of the “Sengoku BASARA” series, will be speaking with this year’s guest Keiji Fujiwara, the voice actor who plays Hisahide Matsunaga. More details, including ticket information, will be announced soon so please check for updates!

Event Information:

[Date] November 27th (Sun)

[Time] 3 pm- (subject to change)

[Venue] Nakamuraza Theater

[Moderator] Hiroyuki Kobayashi (producer of the Sengoku BASARA series)

[Guest] Keiji Fujiwara (voice actor)

More details to be announced on the official website.

“Sengoku ☆ Paradise – KIWAMI” Talk Session

Sengoku ☆ Paradise - KIWAMI

The popular mobile game “Sengoku ☆ Paradise” will be turned into an animated television series this year. The series titled “Sengoku ☆ Paradise -KIWAMI” will be broadcast on TV TOKYO beginning in October. Several of the voice actors from the show will join us for a live talk session!

[Date] November 27th (Sun)

[Time] 11 am- (subject to change)

[Venue] Plaza open-air stage

[Guests] Voice actors from Sengoku ☆ Paradise -KIWAMI (subject to change)

HISTORICA LIVE “Digitalization of Creativity on Mythologies and Heroes”




At this year’s academic event, Sawaki Takeyasu (Elshaddai) and Akishige Chatani (Sengoku Gyoha Dullahan- Kagen no Keishosha) will speak on mythologies and heroes in the digital age. Along with the two directors, Ryota Takeuchi, the voice actor who plays both Lucifer and the Devil, will also take part in the discussion.

[Date] November 27th (Sun)

[Time] 1 pm- (subject to change)

[Venue] Nakamuraza Theater


Sawaki Takeyasu (director of El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron)

Akishige Chatani(creative director of Sengoku Gyoha Dullahan -Kagen no Keishosha)

Ryota Takeuchi(voice of Lucifer and the Devil)

Sawaki Takeyasu Akishige Chatani Ryota Takeuchi

HISTORICA Historic Regions Content Award

Historical content from around the country, from characters to events and more will be presented and voted on in this contest. Join us and cast your vote!

Sengoku Joraku Market

Stalls for Sengoku period related goods and mobile content as well as HISTORICA Historic Regions Content Award candidate booths will line the streets for guests to visit!

Uzumasa Sengoku Festival Cospatio

Uzumasa Sengoku Festival’s Cospatio has become an annual event for costume fanatics! Cospatio ticket holders can take photos at an Edo period town open set both day and night. Cospatio welcomes all cosplayers, including participants in Sengoku period cosplay, historical costumes and kimonos to enjoy this unique and exotic atmosphere. Tickets go on sale in mid-September. Details will be announced on the official Uzumasa Sengoku Festival website.

MOSAIC.WAV Joraku Live 2011 at Uzumasa Sengoku Festival

Among the many things for which Kyoto is famous, one of them is the beautiful reds and yellows of the autumn leaves. On the Nakamuraza Theater stage at the myth and legend-themed Uzumasa Sengoku Festival, Karasu Tengu Uju and Mosaic.WAV will present a musical performance that fits perfectly with the backdrop of Kyoto in the fall.

Event Information:

[Date] November 26th (Sat) 6 pm- (subject to change)

[Venue]Nakamuraza Theater

This event is standing-room-only

To attend this event, both a Toei Kyoto Studio Park admission ticket (or Cospatio ticket) in addition to a MOSAIC.WAV Joraku Live 2011 ticket are required. For more information, please visit the official Uzumasa Sengoku Festival website.